Barrier Washer Extractor

Barrier Washer Extractor

₹350,000.00 Regular Price
₹315,000.00Sale Price

Model                               Unit                30                            50                          100

Washing capacity       kg                    30                            50                          100

Drum Dimensions      mm                 880*680               880*1050           1067*1130

Drum Volume               L                      341                          640                       1010

Voltage                           V                     110/220/240/380/415/440v

Motar Power                Kw                   4                               5.5                          7.5

  • Function & Structure

    compartment design for drum

     Free Standing, no foundation required 

     washing and Extracting, 2 functions in 1 

     Two-door, iron loading and rear unloading 

     Mechanical suspension, composed of the hydraulic damper
     and compression spring

  • Components

    LS inverter

     SANLUX belts

     MORITA air tube

     AISI304 drum and shell

     AIRTAG pneumatic element

     NSK bearing with VITON seals

     Air-cooling and moisture-proof motar 

     Full-auto touch screen controller with 15 programs

  • Advantages

    Disk brakes

     Automatic detergent dosing system

     Two extracting speeds, 300g G-force

     Designed for strict cleanness requirement, such as clean
        room, no cross-contamination 

     Automatic alignment for drum door position 

     International-standard volume ratio, 1:10 

     Upward door opening with cylinder support

  • Options

    Double drainages

     Double water intels

     Steam or electric heating

     AISI304 or AISI316 materials

      Automatic liquid detergents feeding