laundry finishing equipments

laundry finishing equipments

Laundry Vacuum Ironing Table

laundry finishing equipments Rectangular ironing table with the electrically heated board and suction, adjustable temperature by means of a thermostat, available in the following versions:

  1. Board dimensions: 130×80 cm or 160×80 cm.

  2. With built-in electric and automatic steam boiler or to be connected to the central steam supply.

  3. With built-in vacuum unit or to be connected to a central vacuum supply

  4. With steam iron assembly


  1. User-friendly, elegant design for higher productivity

  2. Sturdy construction from CRC steel sheets and powder coated for longer life

  3. Sophisticated specially designed impeller housing powerful centrifugal system for instant removal of moisture

  4. Unique full-length, foot-pedal adjustable height, ensures operator comfort

  5. Available in various sizes for different application

  6. Provided with imported heat resistant silicon foam, fabric silicon press pad

Product Details:

Size1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2000 mmMotor power370 WVoltage220/380 V 1phase 50 HzTable dimension500 X 800 mm

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