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Product Specification Voltage230 VFuel TypeElectricCapacity6 BarMaterialStainless steel

Product Description

Steps ;- Pure Steam Generators are designed and constructed to produce clean/pure steam in full requirements.

Pure steam applications Clean steam is defined as saturated steam produced from additive-free water, relatively free from non-condensable gases and dry, but not overheated. Pure steam is the same as clean steam, but when condensed it meets level is typically l.

Clean steam should be used when the steam or resulting condensate comes into direct product. Thus, it is the ideal heat transfer media for carrying out sterilization and/ or sanitization processes in autoclaves, tanks, reactors, pipe systems, etc.

Operating principle Treated feed water (PW) is circulated through the degassing membrane to the evaporator column. This column is designed to have a large heat transfer area and large water-steam reservoir to provide efficient handling at peak consumption. The separator column diameter has been calculated to prevent water droplets and impurities entering the product steam. As an option, a small condenser can be installed for on-line monitoring of steam conductivity and taking samples.

Control system The control system is based on a PLC wire operator supervision via a user-friendly touch-screen HMI with the following menu:

  1. Mimics of the equipment, showing the operational state in real time

  2. Process parameters (temperature, pressure and conductivity)

  3. Setting up of parameters

  4. Alarm information

  5. Start-up and alarm recognition.

Options include: paper or electronic chart recorder for pure steam conductivity, temperature, extra feed water conductivity meter, online TOC monitoring.

Compact and modular The generator is designed as a vertical column, with a special heat exchanger in the lower part (evaporator) and an expansion chamber above (separator column). The unit and all its components such as feed water pump, pre-heater, control panel, etc. are mounted on a stainless steel .

All parts in contact with the media are made of stainless steel , insulated with mineral wool with external cladding made of stainless steel . Inner surfaces are polished and electro polishing is optional.

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